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A Local Turns 40!!

Think you have to be a visitor to take advantage of Charleston Rocks? Who better to discover Charleston's hidden secrets than the locals!

We had a group of 20 locals celebrating a very special 40th birthday & they wanted to do it up right! Babysitters set. Hair coming down! GAME ON!!!

The night started at Stems & Skins in Park Circle where they were greeted with complimentary appetizers to set the night in motion. After some VIP treatment, they boarded our Karaoke Party Bus & adorned themselves with the celebratory party hats, glasses, beads & horns we had ready for them.

From here, they were shuttled downtown to Rappahannock Oyster Bar where they were greeted with complimentary oyster shots & cocktails. Tummies full & buzzes setting in...Now it's time to step it up!!!

This group made it clear they were lovers of 2 things:

Dive bars & 90s Hip Hop.

Onto Recovery Room for their notorious Saturday Night Hip Hop Dance Party! With front of line service, they scooted past the line in all their glory & secured themselves their spot for the night. Now, what happens at Rec Room STAYS at Rec Room, so that's all we have to say about that. However, we are suspicious that more FREE shots were involved throughout this epic ride back through the 90s.


After a long night of party bussin', shot takin', appetizer samplin' & Hip Hoppin' was time to call it a night!

A GREAT night at that!!

The bus returned our crew home safely where a plethora of sleep & ibuprofen awaited them and became all of their best friends.

Cheers Scotti & we'll see you next birthday!!

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